Ghidra Loader for Super Mario Bros. 3 NES ROM

A loader specifically for loading the PRG1 version of the Super Mario Bros. 3 NES ROM with all the symbols from Captain Southbird’s full disassembly.

I’ve completed a Ghidra loader that correctly maps in all the ROM’s program banks at their respective addresses along with all of the symbols from the complete disassembly located on GitHub.

End Level Effects

Technical details on the effects the end-of-level card and in-game timer countdown has on Early Hammer Manipulation.

This post will provide details on the pain and suffering went through to understand why the in-game timer affects which frame the level ends on as well as why which card is grabbed in a run can be different than what is shown in the TAS being followed while still being the correct frame.

Early Hammer Manipulation Summary

A high level summary and history of the Early Hammer Manipulation strategy

This post will provide the backstory behind the Early Hammer Manipulation strats and how the technique was developed, will give an overview of how it works and all the parts of the game involved, and introduce the high level technical details that make it possible.