Look Ma, No Hands!

A thorough investigation of the Super Mario Bros. 3 random number generator for speedrun exploitation.

Analysis of the random number generation present in Super Mario Bros. 3 is desirable due to the amount of places in the game that change the course of a playthrough based on a number chosen from the random number array. The speedrunning community has done considerable work to avoid needless interactions with hammer brothers and other elements controlled by random numbers, but as of the time of this writing, a lot of interactions are still left up to chance and no in-depth research has been published on the random numbers used by Super Mario Bros. 3.

Early Hammer

An in-depth description of Early Hammer and Hammer Brother movement

Early Hammer is the name given to the scenario in World 2 when the Boomerang Brother that holds the hammer moves across the 2-sun level and possibly even 2-3 in order for the player to get a hammer before playing those levels. If the hammer is used on the block below 2-3, up to three levels can be skipped (2-3, 2-sun, and 2-5), saving a speedrunner roughly a minute.